is a free game with some instore purchases. is a game which is available on the App Store, on PC, and on google play for android users. is rated 12+

App store rating 4.5

Google play rating 4.2

A simple yet entertaining adventure of eat, or be eaten. started off as just a popular online game only available on your PC browser but is now available across multiple devices. In this game you are a cell which has to eat other cells to grow but watch out because other cells may eat you.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 6.43.03 PM.png

I know this game has been around for a while now but since I just started up this blog I had to include it!

Some basic tips to remember are:

  • to move cell – use mouse or touch pad
  • to split cell – press the ‘space bar’ on your keyboard
  • to eject some mass – press ‘W’ on your keyboard
  • if you are small enough hide behind green spikes but if your too big your cell will burst into a bunch of tiny cells.
  • to shoot green spikes – eject mass at spike from 1 to 7 times spike will shoot in direction of the last mass that was ejected.

There are 4 modes available at the moment:

  • FFA which means ‘free for all’. In this mode it is all about your survival. (only mode for the android and apple app).
  • Teams. In this mode there are 3 teams red, blue and green. It’s all about getting your team to have the most cell mass. (available for PC browser, not for the android or apple app.)
  • Experimental. This a new mode made by the developers. This mode features new obstacles – spawners. Spawners spawn food around them, BUT if you go in the spawner you will be shredded into food. (available for PC browser, not for the android or apple app.)
  • Party. This mode allows you to make a private room where you can play with your friends. Just tap ‘create’ and then you will receive a code that you can send to your friends. All they have to do is press ‘join’ and then enter in the code you sent them… simple as that! (available for PC browser, not for the android or apple app.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 6.33.14 PM.png

BTW If you see a cell called ‘not hungry’, ‘pugflower’ or ‘common cold’ there is a good chance that will be me 😉 Oh and let me know in the comments your cell name!

I give this game 5 stars! I looove this game it’s so much fun. It’s just simply addicting. I just got a new laptop, I use to just play the iPad version but it’s so much more fun playing the original PC browser. The only downside really is that there is no way to play all the other modes with your friends. But, I’m sure the developers will find a way to add that in too.


I hope this post gave you some good info on 🙂 Remember you can subscribe to my gaming blog to receive emails and updates about my posts.

happy gaming!






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