hotel hideaway

Hotel hideaway is a free game with some in app purchases.

Hotel hideaway is a game only available on the App Store.

Hotel hideaway is rated 17+

App store 3.5 star rating.


This is a “social avatar adventure” kinda game. At first it seems like all it had to offer was the ability to interact, socialise and play around with other people around the world in a virtual hotel. But there is also an in game adventure which uses these character cards with different powers and dice.

First of all this is my avatar on hotel hideaway you can friend me if you want. Be warned – I don’t play much and I’m not very chatty. Also I just started playing so my lvl and amount of money is really low.

about your avatar…

IMG_9309.JPGIMG_9308.PNGSo with your avatar you can customise it’s clothes, skin, hair and accessories at anytime apart from when in battle doing the adventure thingo. FullSizeRender.jpgYou also have a bio, friend book thing, the ability to chat publicly (to those in the room), ability to chat privately (to specific people).

all the rooms…

elevator and lobby


You start of in the hotel lobby in which you can access the rooms by going through the doors or… you can tap the button that says elevator.

Here you can access all floors (except for the adventure ones you haven’t unlocked) and see your achievements, the leaderboards and the spin wheel.

The lobby also has the spin wheel and the recycler. The spin wheel allows you to get free clothes (with luck) overtime. The first time you use the spin wheel you are usually very very very lucky. Every time you get a ‘new’ item from the spinner you get another spin, this becomes harder over time as your collection of clothes grow. Most of the time you will win clothes that you have already won before. This is where the recycler comes in. It allows you to either recycle 4 items of clothing with the same rating aaand 500 coins for one higher rated piece of clothing or you can trade in each item for a price (price depends on rating or item).

Tailor of fortune




All clothes are available in your wardrobe for coins and gems (in game money) but you also have the option to spend real life money on items in the game.

Just a heads up but I think features that allow you to spend money in real life are stupid. Aaaand it is not just because I have like no money *sigh*.



In the adventure challenge you battle rouge bell boys and weird octopuses. Basically this is a way to earn money and level up. There is no explanation to how to play this game of dice but basically you roll the dice to collect the certain coloured gem you want and when you have enough of that colour you can use a card. Each card has a different ability and power.


your room

Navigating your way around the hotel is pretty simple…IMG_9322.JPG You have your own room which your friends can go into with you but apart from that the room seems pretty useless. Yes, there are some objects you can interact with like in the rest of the hotel. It would’ve been nice to also be able to purchase furniture to design your own room and to be able to host parties.

fusion kitchen

IMG_9316.JPG This is the Fusion kitchen a lot of people go see to hang out and ‘order food’. Well… you can’t actually order food for your avatar but people take on the role of being a chef of a waiter simply by purchasing the chefs apron (where you can buy all the other clothes) and pretending to give people food and take heir orders.

Yeah it’s kinda strange but it’s basically a conversation starter…

“hi, do u wanna go get some thing to eat?”

Be warned though there is a lot of *pays for food* and *eating food* and *accidentaly stabs self with kitchen knife*.

But a plus to the kitchen, shown in the image above, there are 3 secret entrances to a secret room… pretty much everyone knows about these but oh well thought i’d point it out.IMG_9319.JPG There is one entrance in the Chinese section of the restaurant…IMG_9318.JPG One in the African tribal area (if anyone knows the correct name for this please let me know)…IMG_9317.JPGAaaand one in the retro looking section…IMG_9320.JPG They all lead to this one winery room where you can  sit, chat, drink from a barrel and squash grapes.


IMG_9321.JPG There is also a library which seems a bit suspicious to me. I feel like there are some secrets in here that I haven’t discovered. But I may be wrong.

janitor closet

IMG_9313.JPGIn the lobby there is a door to another room – oooooOOooOooOoIMG_9314.JPGAhhh – clues perhaps to another secret place hmmmm…

secret games room

IMG_9311.JPGYep, at the Beach is a secret room by the speakers on the upstairs dance floor.IMG_9312.JPGThere is only one entrance to this games room, you can interact with the games but unfortunately can not play them.


Just a heads up I’ll make a seperate post for all my known gestures. But this is how they work:IMG_9310.JPGBasically tap the little person icon and these weird tile things will pop up. It’s pretty easy to work out the combinations. Each combination is made of one or more tiles, each combination makes a different gesture. Just swipe your finger across a few or more tiles. When the tiles become grey as you are swiping it means that the combination is one that exists, but once one tile is wrong the tiles will turn red. If you have swiped a successful combination the tiles will be green and your avatar will complete the gesture.

I really like this feature to the game it can help show your emotions in conversation and it’s just fun to find new gestures.

Hey hey ! If you want to add me as a friend just remember my name is kyrapanda 😛 comment your name below if you need more friends, I will make a post with anyone that needs friends on certain games soon 😀

I give this game a rating of 3.5 stars – it’s very enjoyable but can be boring. The adventure game can be challenging and there is no tutorial to help guide you. hotel hideaway has good potential and doesn’t need many improvements. It’s by far the best ‘social avatar adventure’ game I’ve ever played.


I hope this post helps you navigate your way through hotel hideaway. Remember you can subscribe to my gaming blog to receive emails about my new posts 😉

happy gaming!



7 Comments Add yours

  1. XxOcatOxx says:

    This is actually a pretty good blog for any one new to hotel hideaway 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. pugflower says:

      Thanks heaps I’ll be posting again soon about hotel hideaway 🙂


      1. Lindanna says:

        Could you do a review on how to get red skin?


      2. Sorry I have been really inactive I’m hoping to start up again soon but for now I haven’t been playing and I haven’t seen the new update… But when I get time I’d love to do a review for you 🙂


  2. Lilac says:

    Hi! I really like this post, but I can’t figure out how to get to the wine room? I did try to “rub” all the symbols, is there a specific order?


    1. pugflower says:

      Hi, all you have to do is go to one symbol and *rub* it don’t stop the action… Sometimes it can take a while to load the wine room, I think this might be because of the server and the number of people using it. But I’m not too sure. I hope this helps 🙂 if you have anymore questions just ask :))


      1. Alice says:

        You need three people to rub all of the symbols at the same time, It then teleports you 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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